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No Limits When It Comes To Custom Lanyards

We often hear of traditional logo lanyards being used in marketing – but this past week, we have manufactured some lanyards that bring to light their vast uses. How about promoting a nearby apartment complex by sending lanyards in a welcome pack to potential new residents of the area? Take a look at this one for Sheehan Property Management, which features a simple key ring:

Next, we have a lanyard design dedicated to a young man’s 8th birthday party. The kids will love these, and come with an integrated badge holder that will come in handy when the birthday games and events get underway.

birthday lanyards custom lanyards

Do you own an aviation company in Norway that specializes in helicopter transportation? Well, what better way to outfit your staff than with custom lanyards. This design was drafted for HeliNorway and again includes a simple key ring attachment for staff to retain their facility keys.

lanyard for helicopter

As you can see, there really are no limits when it comes to the uses and applications of custom lanyards – what kind of lanyard can we design for you today? Our expert designers are standing by to meet your needs with great service, industry-leading products and timely delivery.

Ready to get started? Click on our free quote button from the home page of the website and in a matter of hours you can be looking at your own design crafted just for your requirements.

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