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Custom Length Lanyards

There is nothing like getting a product made just the way you want it, and here at Custom Lanyards To Go we do just that. Not only do we incorporate your logo or design into your order, we also go the extra mile to accommodate custom lengths when requested.

A standard lanyard is 35″ in length total, or 17.5″ per side while being worn. However, we can alter the standard dimensions to just about anything that meets your needs. Hospital staff have recently been requesting shorter lanyards due to tightening restrictions. In the past, a standard lanyard was liable to hang over a patient when a nurse tends to their needs. In this case, a shorter 27″ lanyards is constructed to meet stringent liability concerns in the medical arena. It’s just another way we meet your needs in every way when it comes to custom lanyards.

Aside from custom designs and logos, many specialty accessories can be added to your order of lanyards. Cell phone loops, and integrated USB drives have also been in demand lately. Badge reels are always popular for staff required to carry their door passes at all time, and can be custom printed on either side.

Addressing other liability concerns, the safety breakaway is a very inexpensive option to add to an order of custom lanyards. These attachments keep your lanyard secure when worn normally, but immediately release upon moderate tension to prevent injury of any kind.

Ask one of our sales associates how we can make your lanyards need-specific. We go the extra mile to make sure you get exactly what suits your needs.

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