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Custom Colors & Custom Lanyards

Most orders for lanyards we receive from customers are filled with our standard colors: black, white, red, orange, yellow, green, royal or navy blue. However, did you know that we can custom match any color in the Pantone spectrum? We often work with branded oriented companies that have special color needs. Such companies have spent thousands of dollars having their logo’s designed and perfected to convey a certain message to the public. The last thing they want is for their “identity” to be misrepresented…which is the exact reason why we are able to custom match colors on request.

Fallon Pinkett LanyardsThe Pantone color matching system has been around for years, and is known as the industry standard when it comes to making custom lanyards, and we are no stranger to custom orders. We go to every length possible to make your lanyard order as personalized as it can be.

If you’ve never seen a Pantone color chart, you can usually find one at a local fabric or print shop. It is worth a drive to see one first hand rather than purchasing your own – they can be quite expensive. using this system takes the “guesswork” out of how your lanyards will look when they arrive, and bridges the gap due to how differently colors show up on one computer monitor to the next.

Talk to your lanyard consultant about custom color matching if your project requires it – we are here to help.

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