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Colors & Logos Make Custom Lanyards Your Own

The nice thing about ordering custom lanyards from us is that we can match your specific colors and add your own logo to just about any lanyard style we offer. We realize that a custom item is, well….custom! We also know that you have specific needs in mind when it comes to making your custom product identifiable with your brand, group or sports team.

Simtronics Polyester LanyardsCustom Lanyards To Go is able to utilize color matching based on the Pantone color matching system. This system has been around for a long time and many big-time corporations and other groups have specific codes that match up to their logo or text. Without this precise matching process, your personalized lanyards wouldn’t really make you go “wow…these are really nice!” The last thing we would want you to think is that you received cheap lanyards, so we match all of our custom printed lanyards with quality fabrics and other materials to form a complete quality package that pleases every customer – every time.

Custom printed polyester lanyards are the products you see most of the time at trade shows and other events. The companies that rented those booths are there to show off their product – and they would prefer you walk away with something bearing their slogan or other reminder of what they sell. It goes without saying that such companies didn’t intend for you to guess as to what sales rep gave you that lanyard, or what company they represent. Custom logo printing ensures you are getting the message and brand awareness they want you to receive.

We know what matters when it comes to your custom lanyard order, and we know the right questions to ask so that your end product is a true representation of your company or cause. Custom color matching is just another way Custom Lanyards To Go goes the extra mile to make sure you look great around people’s necks.

Have questions regarding specific logos or colors? Call us…we’d love to talk more about your customized lanyards today.

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