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Full Color Lanyards Bring Limitless Opportunity

Lanyards are used for a variety of things, which can range from the simple storage to promoting an item. Some organizations use them to promote their product where a charity may use them to raise awareness for a cause. Some people may even just use them to hold their personal belongings, such as keys or identification cards. Regardless of the reason, a custom lanyard is an effective marketing strategy because they are easy to make and the recipient can use them for everyday tasks. Badge lanyards are a prime example.

custom lanyardsBecause of the popularity and flexibility that comes with custom lanyards, they have gradually changed to fit the buyer’s needs. One aspect where lanyards have truly evolved is the level of customization that is available with them. When they initially came out, there were not very many options that were available, but that has changed significantly.

One of the most versatile methods of customizing a lanyard is through Dye-Sublimated customization. This method lets people have nearly unlimited possibilities with what they want to put on their lanyard. The difference is in how the images are printed onto the lanyard. The method lets the designer create logos and designs on paper and effortlessly transfer them onto a lanyard. That lanyards design is put on a special paper that is then transferred through heat onto the lanyard, fusing material and design.

By using Dye-Sublimated custom lanyards, you can use an actual picture instead of just using one single color printing. This means that you can create the eye-catching designs that will help you stand out from the crowd. You are able to put accurate and precise images and letters on your lanyard, letting you convey whatever message you are trying to get across to your audience. This level of detail cannot be achieved with any other method.

Also, the flexibility in design also applies to the lanyard itself. You no longer have to choose one basic color for place your logo, you can now have colors that seamlessly change color or weave into intricate patterns. Not only will this make your lanyard stand out when compared to others, it will also offer an option for a stylish design that others will want to use for their everyday tasks.

Lanyards that are created through this method also last longer. This means that your recipients will hold onto your lanyard for a longer period of time, letting you expose your company to many more people. Also, you will be able to store a large number of these neck lanyards for long periods of time without having to worry about having them deteriorate or fade.

In the end, there is no doubt that Dye-Sublimated lanyards are the best around. Whether it is the precise imaging, lasting durability, or endless customization possibilities, this method will ensure that your lanyard will attract the attention you want and last for a very long time. Make sure you look into Dye-Sublimated lanyards and see how powerful of a tool they can be.

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Earth Friendly Lanyards – Go Green

Lanyards are a big expenditure for many companies, who have to replace lost lanyards and supply them for new employees. During conferences and events hundreds of lanyards may be used in a single weekend and then thrown into landfills. Unfortunately many are made with toxic and non-renewable resources which means they clog landfills, polluting our environment and destroying our ecosystem. Hazardous production methods are common when manufacturing conventional models. Fortunately, many earth friendly lanyards are being produced today with non-toxic materials that cause little to no harm to the environment.

Instead of utilizing polyester, polypropylene and oil-based plastics, earth friendly lanyards are made with green materials such as recycled plastic, also known as Polyethylene Terephthalate or PET. Other materials that earth friendly lanyards can be made from include bamboo, recycled water and soda bottles, and organic cotton grown in the USA.

eco lanyardsThe recycled materials are just as soft as traditional polyester, and they can be custom printed with a high quality silk screen using environmentally friendly inks. Green, non-pvc based inks are just as durable and bright as standard inks, meaning they will not flake or rub off, but they come without the negative impact on the environment.

Earth friendly lanyards can be recycled, but some take it even further and are completely biodegradable. Biodegradable lanyards can be completely broken down into organic substances over time by the natural processes of the earth, but while in use they are just as as functional and sturdy as a conventional lanyard.

When considered from a sustainability standpoint, earth friendly lanyards are more practical than conventionally produced models. They don’t destroy our resources. Using recycled, organic or biodegradable materials makes a statement to those who view your company or event that you believe in making responsible choices that protect and preserve our environment.

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Let Us Do The Hard Work – Easy Lanyards Ordering

If you thought that ordering customized lanyards was a daunting and time-consuming task, you will be relieved to know that we take all the stress and cumbersome tasks out of your hands to deliver a quality product with ease. All it really takes is your verbal or written input, and just an hour or so later we can show you what your custom lanyards will look like by emailing you an image of your completed design. What could be easier?

We allow our potential customers to use our free quote form to submit their thoughts and design ideas, or simply pick up the phone and we can relay your demands to our graphics team. You sit back and relax knowing that in just a short time, your project will be ready to order and receive in about 10 days.

lanyards customerNearly every week, we hear back from customers that are absolutely thrilled with their lanyards when they arrive at the door. Kina Rollins recently commented, “I can’t thank you enough for making my week! My boss assigned me to seek out custom lanyards and I initially thought that it would be difficult. Boy, was I wrong. And much to my surprise, they arrived ahead of schedule and the staff loved them! Thanks again – we have bookmarked you as a one of our preferred vendors. I only wish you made other products we need so I could deal with your company more often.”

Thanks for the kind words, Kina. It’s positive responses like this that let us know we are industry leaders. We look forward to making more customers happy in the same way.

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We Specialize In Rush Order Lanyards

Let’s face it, everyone at some point needs an item or service as fast as they can possibly get their hands on it – and that’s where we come in. Our manufacturing and delivery of custom lanyards is second to none in the industry and we are proud of it. Logistically speaking, our factory has the capability to make and print your lanyards with blazing speed so you don’t end up empty handed at your event or meeting. This type of service is what keeps our customers coming back for more.

rush lanyardsHave an important date approaching and would like to have custom lanyards designed for the event? No problem at all with Custom Lanyards To Go. Speed is our middle name and quality service drives our business with a 100% guarantee of defect-free merchandise.

Call us today to discuss your next lanyards project requirements – we’ll get you on the right track and delivery exactly what you need – every time.

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Lanyards Display Your Enthusiasm

Not only are lanyards used for company branding and identification purposes, but you also see them used to display pride in sports teams and social clubs as well. We have many clients who hold annual meetings among their club or group that are looking for a fresh way to show off their membership pins, buttons and badges.

Most of these applications call for a 1″ polyester style lanyards because they offer the most surface area for attachment of the item. You may have seen pictures of the pin collectors with lanyards around their necks adorned with fifty plus pins and buttons.

lanyards displaysIf you are concerned with durability, the polyester lanyards are among the most hearty in the industry and will surely hold up to long-term abuse. Out of all the lanyard types we manufacture and sell, these make up 80% or more shipped on a daily basis.

Ask your consultant about the specific application you are in need of. We are experts when it comes to fitting our products to your application.

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Lanyards Badge Holders – Many Sizes Available

badge lanyardsYou’ve seen them being used as backstage VIP passes, event attendee IDs, and in many other venues attached to lanyards – the clear plastic badge ID holder. These clever and convenient add-ons to your custom lanyards enhance the effectiveness of convenient identification. What many may not realize is that these badge holders are available in several different sizes to accomodate your company or event IDs.

Custom Lanyards To Go is pleased to offer several different sizes and applications to suit your needs. Do you have a special, or odd size, requirement? No problem – we’ve been known to find a solution to just about any specialty need. We have the resources to quickly locate, not only odd size badge holders, but other special attachments that you may need for your event, trade show, or employee staffing requirements. Give us a call today!

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Specialized Attachments Make Lanyards Convenient

Lanyards are simple in concept, yet infinitely useful for many purposes. These strips of fabric can help us get through our day to day activities constantly. Whether we use a lanyard to keep track of our keys or to protect our electronic devices, there is no denying the fact that we have come to rely on them very much as a convenience.

Custom LanyardsWhen they first started to make an appearance, lanyards were used to hold items like whistles for gym teachers. Now, that same lanyard has evolved and developed into something much bigger. They are used as badge holders for special events. College students use lanyards to hold their keys and identification cards.

Also, lanyards are used very frequently with electronics. Those who are nervous about breaking a camera may attach their device to a lanyard and tie it to their wrist. Of course, the same can be said for such things like MP3 players and USB drives as well. The lanyard makes the items very visible so that you’ll never forget them and they’ll be safe when you are traveling with them as well, even if they are dropped.

What people don’t understand is that there are still various uses to the lanyard. By adding specialized lanyards attachments to a custom lanyard, you are able to project a message to those around you. When you use such a product, you can have it display any message you want. This is especially effective if you are hosting a special event or want to raise awareness for a specific cause.

By using specialized attachments, you are able to use your lanyard the way you want. The use of a lanyard makes it easy to keep out of the way while you are taking care of daily tasks, but the message on the lanyard will be read by anyone who passes by. It is an inexpensive way to raise awareness for a specific cause as well.

Even though the lanyard is a very flexible tool when it comes to various uses, giving the lanyard a specialized attachment can increase the uses considerably. For example, there are a number of hooks or clips that you can use so that the lanyard meets the needs of your daily life. This gives you a large amount of flexibility so that you can design lanyards to your specific demands.

Another benefit to having a specialized lanyard is that they are inexpensive enough to hand out at events, but valuable enough that people will use them. With so many uses, everyone is sure to keep their lanyards, even if it has a message on it. This means that whenever a person sees a lanyard that was created by you or your organization, you’ll be raising awareness. This type of advertising and promotion is very rare, especially at such a low price.

No matter how you look at it, lanyards are an essential part of daily life. Specialized attachments take things a step farther and add an extra layer of creativity and promotion. Be sure to keep this in mind for any special event or promotion in the future.

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Lanyards Offer Variety In Business Advertising

custom advertising lanyardsAre you looking for unique and creative ways to advertise your business, products, or services? Consider custom lanyards at your next industry conference or trade show. Lanyards are the badge holders that you see at all companies and at all trade shows that are worn proudly around all participants necks, holding their badge. These lanyards are a great way to get your name in front of a lot of people easily and quickly. Below are some benefits of promotional lanyards.

They’re Everywhere!

Because most conferences or industry events require that participants wear their conference badges to get into any event, sponsoring the custom lanyards at an industry event is a great way to ensure that your name stays on top of mind for all attendees during the whole conference. Whether in a break out session, a keynote presentation, or even at dinner or lunch in the area around the conference center, the lanyards are the most visible part of a conference’s advertising options. It is truly an item that the attendees cannot leave home without. Take advantage of promotional lanyards at your next event to reap the benefits.

The Gift That Keeps Giving

Long after the trade show or industry event is over, your promotional lanyards will likely still find their way around the necks of recipients for their own company badges, or will hand proudly from the cubicle and office walls of the recipients. Therefore, lanyards not only serve as advertisement while the event is underway, but also long after the event has ended and the participants or attendees have returned to their own cities, office buildings, or their next trade show or industry event. Sponsoring the laynards at a conference or event is one way to get, and keep, your company’s name in front of your audience for days, weeks, even years to come.

As you can see, there are several great reasons to sponsor some custom lanyards at your next trade show, conference, or industry event. They are something that people keep for a long time, and may even use when they return to their offices. Lanyards are everywhere, and therefore will be seen by everyone. Get some lanyards today and watch your business grow!

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Lanyards Power Your Advertising

custom lanyardsAdvertising is a cornerstone for any business, whether a large corporation or a small business. Most companies choose a variety of promotional items to use in advertising, items to donate or give away in order to get their name out into daily conversation. Familiarity with the company name in addition to word of mouth are priceless advertising for a low rate, just the initial price of the promotional items to put out there. The options for such promotional items are nearly endless. From golf balls and ink pens to stress squeezie balls and lanyards, company names can be put on just about any item that will find its way around to people. Rulers, balloons, pencils, the list goes on and on. These items such as lanyards power your advertising in that people will see the name and remember it without even realizing they are doing so.

Promotional lanyards power your advertising as people simply become familiar with brand names they see over and over. When the time comes that consumers need a product, they will likely turn to a company they feel familiar with to do business. Simply exposing them to your company name over and over through promotional items can make your name familiar to them. That connection, that feeling of familiarity is very important in business.The cost of giving away promotional items is nominal when considering the potential benefits to your company. These are low cost yet high yield advertising techniques. Low cost, high yield definitely benefits the company.

There are numerous ways for lanyards to power your advertising. Your company can hand out logo lanyards at trade shows, county fairs, parades, benefit events, just to name a few places. Lanyards are a popular item for adults and teenagers alike. ID cards on lanyards are used for work and school everywhere these days; your lanyard could go many places as a result. Promotional lanyards provide potential customers with a fun yet useful item with your company name out there to be seen in endless places. Bringing the company brand to the streets, to daily conversation is a powerful tool in advertising.

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Lanyards Excel in All Sports

lanyards for sportsCustom lanyards are widely used in the sports arena at all levels. Colleges will often have them made with either the name of the school or the acronym for the school printed on the lanyards. They will then hand them out to incoming freshman, who will put them on their room keys that they must carry at all times to get into their dorms. This promotes an atmosphere of support for both the school itself and the athletic program. It binds all of the students together under this umbrella of support. It also spreads the word about the school and their athletic teams, as people outside of the program will see the lanyards and remember the name of the school.

Custom lanyards are also used by coaches for convenience. They are nice because coaches usually stay with athletic programs far longer than the students are able to keep their athletic eligibility. Joe Paterno began coaching at Penn State before the parents of some of his current players had been born. This longevity means that coaches develop a large amount of dedication to the program, and like to have little things that support it. These lanyards also give them a way to group all of their keys for the athletic facility, their office, the practice facilities, and all the rest, so that the keys will not become separated.

Along similar lines, these custom lanyards are just a very convenient way to carry keys. It gives them some more bulk and visibility, so they will not be lost so easily. It also makes them rather easy to get out of your pocket, especially if you have to do so with your hands full. Finding individual keys can be very hard and frustrating, even if they are not lost but are just in your pockets. Custom lanyards can alleviate this problem, while spreading school exposure and school spirit at the same time. This makes them great for any sport, from football to basketball to hockey. Fans, players, and coaches will all want to own these and use them as much as they can; in the same way that people wear shirts and jackets with the name of a school or athletic club written on them, they will carry these everywhere.

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