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Benefits of Personalized Lanyards For Your Company

A company needs to be able to maximize its resources, especially when making accessories, corporate giveaways and promotional materials for its customer. One useful yet striking item to have customized are personalized lanyards. A lanyard is a tubular piece of nylon, polyester, plastic or other woven material that is placed around the neck as badge holders instead of pining a name tag on the clothes of the person. Oftentimes, staff and other employees use it at work to carry their name tags. It’s an easy way to identify someone, even stating their position or department, especially if you work in a building with hundreds of employees.

It makes sense to invest in customized lanyards. Since you need it anyway, why not advertise your company, school or organization on it? Use it as a promotional tool or as inexpensive yet is a useful giveaway. If you have an event, a lanyard can be given away to the attendees, and the item can be kept long after the event has been held, keeping your name, brand and company in the mind of your customer. Here are the reasons why your company can effectively use these and why it makes sense to get some custom lanyards to promote your brand.

Great Advertising

There are definitely benefits to availing of personalized lanyards. It serves as a useful and highly visible and inexpensive promotional item for your company. Other people will use and see it everyday on a regular basis. It’s eye catching and it’s a good way to establish brand recall and product consciousness. Unlike other promotional items, a lanyard is a good quality item that won’t easily break and has a long shelf life. At less than a dollar each, it’s a great advertising bargain because of the mileage you can get out of it.

If you use it for an event, your customer, employees and other participants can keep and continue using the lanyard long after the event is done. This way, your brand, logo and company name are always visible.

Use Lanyards For Security

Help identify your employees by giving them specific lanyards to use. It’s comfortable yet at the same time helps identify people in your work area. This is especially useful when you are out in public or when you are working a convention, sales event or other gathering.

Many Designs To Choose From

You have a lot of flexibility when you want to come up with something personalized that you can imprint your logo or company name on. Choose from various material choices, such as woven polyester, nylon or even plastic. You can choose custom tubular lanyards, a sport style neoprene lanyard or a custom woven piece when you want to have custom lanyards made. You have a wide range of font options and you can get it in a number of colors. The width of the lanyards can also be chosen so that it can fit the design you have in mind.

For more options, you can also choose to get a lanyards made into cell phone straps or have a wristband made instead. You can even get lanyards neck straps for a clear badge holder. Manufacturers are constantly coming up with new designs and applications to suit the times, so consider the options that are available. As long as your personalized lanyards have your name on a high quality product, your customer will use and keep it.

They Are Affordable

It’s not going to take a huge monetary investment to have personalized lanyards made. Depending on the materials and the design you choose, you won’t have to spend more than a dollar for a piece. This means that it costs reasonably within most budgets. The more you order in bulk, the more affordable it becomes per piece because you get a deep discount. You can buy lanyards wholesale to get better prices, without having to compromise on quality. If you decide to buy online, you can easily get reasonable shipping charges or you can even get it waived in some instances. Even if you are only a small startup company and don’t have a huge advertising budget, you can find items that you can readily afford.

It Complements Other Products

Personalized lanyards go with many other promotional products. These go well with a wide range of promotional gift items, such as totes, coasters, bottles, caps, ceramic mugs, towels, blankets, jackets, sweaters, lunch cooler bag and even planners. Just about all general merchandise can be used together with your lanyards to promote your brand. You’ll be amazed at the wide selection and how even complete strangers will take well to your products.

Easy to Find

There are many companies that manufacture custom lanyards. All have tollfree contact numbers while many provide great customer service to get information help with reasonable pricing. Choose a professional manufacturer that has experience in making what you need. If you’re not sure which one to go with, check out the live customer reviews on many sites. Most companies ship anywhere in the in the world.

Easy to Buy

The transaction process is easy to do and not complicated. You simply need to provide the necessary information, upload the design or logo that you want, specify the style, amount you need and other useful information, and use any of the variety of available payment methods available at the checkout. The companies do have strict privacy policy rules in place, so you can feel safe with your transaction. If you have questions, you can call toll free and contact the company. It doesn’t matter where your company is based, most manufacturers can ship to anywhere in the states, such as Alaska, Michigan, California, Washington and even Hawaii.

High quality lanyards with your company name or logo can be easily manufactured within a few days of your order. The best part is, not only did you stay within your budget, but you also have come up with a promotional product at the same time that can be used for a long time. These are just some of the reasons why personalized lanyards are a popular promotional item for many companies. With its affordability, versatility, usefulness and value for money, these are certainly useful promotional keepsakes that make sense.

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